About Author

I am currently writing the second book, When Gods Collide, of the 5-book Apostle SF series,
chronicling a man’s journey from medieval England across five centuries and seven worlds –
both real and imagined, to a spiritual awakening and finally to the final frontier of divine
consciousness. Epic is scale, Apostle is also an intimate study of what makes us truly human.

I have always had an innate curiosity about the natural world and its place in space and time.
An avid Star Trek fan when a child and still fascinated by the mixing of deep philosophical
questions and high adventure.

Although, graced with a wide-ranging general knowledge, as I have got older, I have found it
saner to narrow my focus to the point where the spiritual journey takes most of my attention.

Therefore, I am not interested in politics, current affairs, economics and finance {money},
cultural fads [wokeism}, propaganda, climate change, sports, celebrity, emotional tirades.

I am extremely interested in finding my true, divine nature – a Spiritual Awakening, if you like.

I hope you find my personal stories interesting and hopefully inspiring. If I can do it, anyone

Blessings to all.
Graeme W Langdon

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